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Getting Started

* Click register in the top menu
* Register or login
* You will be directed to create your event.

Creating an Event

* Register or login.
* Navigate to "My Events"
* Click "New Event"

Setting up your Bank Account

* Register or login.
* Navigate to "My Events".
* Click "Connect with Stripe".
* Fill out the Stripe Form and you will be returned back to the event dashboard once it's complete.

Creating Tickets

* Register or login.
* Navigate to "My Events".
* Select the event you want to create the ticket for.
* Click "Create Ticket".
* Note: Ticket Name is required.

Creating Products

* Register or login.
* Navigate to "My Events"
*Select the event you want to create the product for.
* Navigate to Products in the event menu.
* Click "Create Product".
* Note: Product Name is required.

About Payments

* You'll be emailed.
* Payments security is handled by Stripe.
* We accept Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Diners and JBC
* Buyer Payment information is never stored on our servers.
* We currently only accept payments in Dollar amounts.
* Foreign currencies will be converted by Stripe to Dollar amount.

About Refunds

* In the "Orders" Section.
* Find the Order.
* Click Actions for the specific order.
* Click "Refund".
* Select ticket or product on that order to refund.
* Select full or partial refund.
* Note: you can keep or take the ticket away from the user getting the refund.
* Refunds take 5-7 days to be visible on customer account after initiation.

Where is my Ticket

* Once you purchased your ticket and order will be mailed to you.
* Register or login.
* Navigate to "My Orders".
* Find your order and view tickets and products purchased on that order.

Transfers to your bank account

* First bank transfer takes 3-5 days after the first purchase has been made.
* After that, expect two business day transfers to your account, on a rolling basis.
* Example: Purchases on a Monday, payout will be tranfered on Wednesday.

About Coupons

* Coupons can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage.
* They can have an expiration date.
* "CODE", amount type (fixed dollar amount or percentage) and amount is a required field.

Team Registration

(Team registration needs to be enabled by the event promoter)
* Navigate to the event page.
* Click "Performer Registration".
* Fill out the form.
* Wait for confirmation email from the event promoter.
* Promoter approves and opens team registration for your team members.
We'll email you with all the details for the team registration and give you a custom link so that you can share with your team.

Checking in Attendees to the event.

* Login.
* Navigate to the event you want to check users into.
* In the event menu click attendees.
* Find the attendee.
* On the right side of the attendee name, enable check-in.

What are the Fees?

* 2% + $1 on every ticket sold. No fees for free ticket registration.
* No Service Fees for Event Promoter.
* Example: Create a $100 ticket, sell and get $100 transferred to your account in two business days flat.

What about Metrics for the event?

* ExpressPass gives you a ton of metrics in the "Metrics" section of the dashboard.
* Metrics include, attendee info, order totals, vistor locations and coupons used.
Also, at the end of every event we'll email you the order totals and ticket totals for that event.

Different ticket prices based on date.

Typically, event promoters want to have an early-bird pricing for their event and then increase the price as the event date arrives. You can do this in the "Ticketing" section of the dashboard.

Base Price = Starting Price Point for the event.
Pricing rules = Stack your pricing according to the date.
Date = The date in which the ticket changes pricing to your set pricing.
Price = New Price.

Resend Order information

We understand that emails can get lost. Locate the order in the "dashboard", use the actions dropdown and click "Resend Order". We'll email the customer with their order details.

Create an event.

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